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Gary develops analog and digital hardware and control software.

He has designed products in the medical and industrial test/measurement fields. Typically designing both the hardware and software, he has consulted largely for small companies that need data acquisition and control upgrades to their products. Sometimes redesigning old products with modern technology and sometimes developing completely new products, the goal has always been a cost effective solution that exceeds the competitions' devices, often for years to come. For example, he designed an audio voltage controlled amplifier (VCA) that remains among the best after 25 years. A device to test rolling tires for B.F. Goodrich is still in daily use, 15 years later, by Smithers Testing. As a senior design engineer at Keithley Instruments in the early '80s he did hardware and software designs for the test and measurment industry.

More recently, he performed battery charger research (1 patent) and design under contract to Invacare Medical Products. At FluidSense Corp. he partnered with Seale to implement the hardware and embedded software designs. He did the hardware and embedded software for Vision Medical Instrument's line of corneal thickness testers (for measurements leading to laser vision correction.) He has an EEG monitor on the market and is designing next-generation EEG equipment.

Multiple patents granted (11 total, 5 as first or only named inventor) include a key sensorless control patent plus a very promising new engine valve application .

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