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Joe applies mathematical physics to practical engineering problems.

His 1983 paper “Optimum Gases for Transparent Insulation” changed the industry practice of pumping Freon into the sealed spaces between window glazings. They didn’t understand that the low thermal conductivity of Freon, measured under stratified conditions, was more than offset by high convective heat transport caused by high heat capacity of the large gas molecules. The only way to combine low conductivity with low heat capacity was to make the gas molecule an atom – a heavy noble gas: argon, krypton, or xenon. Energy guru Amory Lovins heralded Seale’s result to glazing manufacturers, leading to worldwide adoption of energy-saving noble gas-filled windows.

In 1996 Seale co-founded FluidSense Corporation, patented groundbreaking techniques for precision fluid delivery with wide dynamic range, and launched a pump technology that passed FDA hurdles and reached 100,000 patients. The young company foundered on the economic shrinkage of 2001 and the investor scare of 9/11.

Seale is first-named inventor on 15 U.S. patents, which reveal pioneering work in medical ultrasound, physiological measurements, fluid pumping and flow control, magnetic levitation, and the design and control of solenoids. Patent #6,631,647 is the “tip of an iceberg” of emerging engineering models using related principles of statistical mechanics to characterize and simulate the dynamics of both viscoelastic solids and ferromagnetic materials. Deep understanding in these diverse areas, combined with an ability to construct computer models that bring disparate areas together, has resulted in multiple insights and inventions in the area of electromagnetic actuators making optimum use of ferromagnetic materials under sophisticated nonlinear control.

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